Purple Pups Guardian Application

So you may want to be a guardian to one of our great German Shepherds but what does that entail. Here at Purple Pups, all our dogs are family. We offer guardian home opportunities to a few special families. We are very particular about who gets to be one of our guardians and want to have a close relationship with each family. 

What are your responsibility as a guardian?

Our guardian families must live within 30 miles of our home in Woodbridge, VA. Guardians are responsible to maintain proper health of the puppy including: annual vet visits, annual shots (including Rabies, Distemper combo, & Bordatella), monthly flea/tick/heart worm preventative, proper grooming, quality dog food, regular picture updates, training & bimonthly 1 hour in person get together. 

Purple Pups responsibilities?

Purple Pups is responsible for genetic testing, hip 7 elbow testing, micro-chipping, breeding & whelping, and any pregnancy related vet visits. At the completion of our breeding program, Purple Pups will cover the cost of spaying/neutering and will sign over legal rights to you.

If you think you might be interested in guardianship, please copy the questionnaire below, fill in your answers and email it back to us at:

Purple Pups Guardian Questionnaire1. What is your name?

2. What is your address?

3. Best Phone number? 

​4. How did you discover us?

5. Why do you want to be a guardian for one of our breeding dogs?

6. Do you have a time frame for becoming a guardian?

7. Why do you feel this breed is right for your household?

8. What temperament are you looking for?

9. Will this be your first dog of this breed?

10. Do you have any other animals? If yes please tell us about them

11. Are the animals in your home spayed or neutered?

12. Do you rent or own your home?

13. How many people live in your home? Please tell us about them

14. Does anyone living in the home smoke in the home?

15. If you have children in your home, what are their ages?

16. Please tell us about your family and lifestyle hobbies and interest..

17. Which family members will be most responsible for the care, well-being and exercise of the puppy?

18. What is your plan for the puppy when you and your family are away from home on holiday, or when the house is empty?

19. Please tell us about your work schedule:

20. If you work part time, is it possible that you might consider returning to full time employment?

21. Do you have time to take them to breeding appointments?

22. If you have previously owned a dog, what breed or type of dog was it?

23. Do you plan to take the dog to obedience classes, hire a private trainer, or train yourself?

24. Do you have a swimming pool, is it fenced off from the rest of the yard?

25. Is your yard fenced? 

26. Are you willing to keep the dog on a leash when you are out if not in the safety of a fenced in yard?

27. If you have a female, are you willing to come to our vet in Gainesville 1 time per heat cycle to have her bred?

28. Are you able to take your female for progesterone tests in Gainesville to find out the best time to breed?

29. If you have a female, are you ok with letting her “vacation with us” while she delivers and raises her litter?

30. Would you like to come visit while your guardian dog is in our care?

31. Please add any information that you feel relevant:
32. Do you agree that if at any time you are unable to keep your dog, for whatever reason, you will return the dog to Purple Pups so we can find him or her a suitable home? (Please be aware that under the guardian arrangement the dog is solely the property of Purple Pups.)

33. Do you understand, that if successful, you will be signing a contract with Purple Pups which states that although the guardian dog we placed with you is your pet for life, we will retain ownership of the dog and all breeding rights until the guardian dogs breeding career has come to an end and we retire the dog?

34. Do you understand that German Shepherds need lots of training and socialization to be truly happy?

35. Do you understand that the guardian dog must be part of the family and may not live outside or stay outside at length?

36. Do you understand that under no circumstances the guardian dog can be neutered or spayed?

37.. Do you agree to take the necessary steps to prevent the guardian dog having access to your front door?

38. By becoming a guardian you agree to regular contact and prearranged home visits by Purple Pups, do you agree to this?

39. Do you agree to send pictures of the dog to Purple Pups on a weekly basis?

39. Do you agree to meet with Purple Pups bimonthly for 1 hour private training sessions?

40. Do you agree to use our approved veterinarian?

41. Do you agree to all the conditions and state the information provided by you is accurate and true?

42. Please provide us with three references names and phone numbers (unrelated):