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That no matter how much you may want to be there for your dame and her puppies, that just can't happen sometimes. Whether it's because of lack of time, the experience or a location, I am here to help you. My passion is to help you and your dame with the processes of whelping and then raising her puppies. I want to remove the stress for both you and the dame by providing a home away from home through every step of the process. Each and every dame and puppy that I work with becomes part of my family in a way. I love them all!

The dame and puppies care are the most important thing but I also know that you will want to be updated on a regular bases. Photo and video updates are sent of the dame every other day. Once the puppies are born, you will get daily video and photo updates of them as well. Every step of the process will be documented and sent to you so that you can be as much a part of it as you can be.

Our whelping & raising process

The choice of who helps care for your dame & puppies is not insignificant, discover more about our whelping & raising process.

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Dames I have helped.

Here is a selection of the dogs, that I have helped whelp & raise puppies with. It is truly my passion.


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After 12 years of training dogs, I want to help dogs from the beginning.

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